Guest Author Will Macmillan Jones

From a good author friend!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Will Macmillan JonesHi, my name is Will and I write books. Well, you probably guessed that, otherwise I wouldn’t be here on Chris’ inestimable blog, wittering away as usual about stuff that might interest a tiny section of the population of the planet. Of course, as you are reading this (unless you aren’t in which case you can get lost ) you’ll probably be aware that I often write my blog in a sort of stream of consciousness style, or as my friends put it, a stream of unconsciousness.

Anyway, I digress.* I’m supposed to write a bio here, and whilst I usually treat guidelines in the way most people approach parking restrictions, this time I’m going to be a good boy. Here goes. Will Macmillan Jones lives in Wales, a lovely green, verdant land with a rich cultural heritage. He does his best to support this heritage by drinking the local…

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