Author interview with Simone Beaudelaire

Nice interview of Simone Beaudelaire’s newest book.

Musings of Mistress of the Dark Path

Today I’ve got an interview for you all with Simone Beaudelaire.  She writes in several genres including romance and paranormal.  Her latest book, The Naphil’s Kiss, just released earlier this year.  This one looks good and I’m planning on reading it myself!  Check out her interview below, along with the details on her novel.



*Note- my responses to the author’s answers are in italics.

Tell us something dark about yourself.

Vampires are sexy.


Oh, yes.  So long as they remember to wipe their mouth after drinking 🙂

You are on a deserted island and can only choose one beverage to have besides water.  What would it be?

On a deserted island? That would be hot. How about chilled champagne


Whatever floats your boat!

If you had to choose between a bullwhip, cat o’ nine tails, or a crop, which would you pick?

Um, I’m a…

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