Who you looking at?

Very interesting POV article. I really struggled with POV when I started writing. I tended to “head hop” I still fight that. Great proofreaders and critique partners are the answer.


And today I’d like to welcome to the blog award winning author of the Daimones Trilogy, Massimo Marino.


Massimo has some useful advice here about POV (that’s Point of View to us amateurs).

Know your characters’ POV and the right questions

Royal Point of View

As a norm, when we talk about POV in a novel, we think about the narrator. Is the story written in 1st person, 3rd close, 3rd distant, 3rd omniscient, or even in the 2nd. We think of the narrator, and we stop there. In reality, there are also other points of view, and we need to be aware of all of them.

When you craft story, and add conflicts, create tension accumulation points that’ll send your characters through crisis mode, you need to have clear in mind where do they come from.

Not all characters are born equal, and they are not boards to stick…

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