Bullying ~ The Newest Trend In Publishing

I have come to the same conclusion, in fact, I have already started writing my own thoughts on this and they’re very similar.


It seems that in this ever changing industry of publishing, we are currently undergoing yet another new and rather ugly trend. Bullying. And, as a direct result, authors are apparently dropping like flies left and right. Which, in my opinion, is rather unfortunate…and also, a bit strange.

Having never been publicly bullied, I cannot attest to what type of suffering might be associated with such an experience. However, without burdening everyone with my own private sob stories, let me just say, I’ve encountered it on a personal and more intimate level, and suffice it to say, ones attacker packs a heavy punch when they know exactly where to hit.

What have I learned from this? I’ve learned to choose my battles more consciously in order to best win the war. Because I’m in it for the long haul. Writing. Publishing. Life.

But let’s get more specific. Let’s talk about the…

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