It’s a long way, from Tipperary

This is very interesting and I loved the book!


Today we should all welcome Maggie Plummer, who has leapt at the opportunity (all right, I prodded her with a sharp stick until she agreed) to come onto my blog and tell us all a little about herself.

She confesses her all (oo er):

Maggie Plummer is a writer and editor who lives in northwest Montana. Along the winding trail to becoming a novelist, she has worked as a journalist, book editor, book publicist, census enumerator, school bus driver, field interviewer, waitress, post office clerk, fish processor, library clerk, retail salesperson, Good Humor (ice cream) girl, fishing boat first mate, race horse hot walker, apple picker, and bus girl. (Yes, she realizes this wild and woolly variety of experiences would make a great memoir or novel. She declines to divulge the title she has already dreamed up.)


And as you are here, I presume you have a book out?


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