This guy has a great blog page going.

Sign up to follow this blog for great recommendations. Edwin’s blog is wonderful.

Okay, I’m primarily a romance writer. Edwin is primarily a horror/scifi with humor writer. But my son told me he won’t read any of the romance I write. My son does, however, love sci fi and horror. Edwin writes some of the best I’ve seen and all his stories have a touch of dry humor that I love.

I started out reading sci fi and westerns in grammar school. I read every horse book I could get my hands on… Later, I moved on to romance. I realize not everybody likes romance, so I encourage you to follow Edwin’s blog. He has a unique outlook on just about everything. You’ll enjoy him. I do.

And happy birthday to my son and happy Halloween to my grand children and all the rest of you!

Keep your pets inside and safe.

Brandye Flowers – messages

If you’ve read her story in our anthology book”

and want to leave a message for Brandye, you can leave one here. She will be opening her own web site soon.

You Are Perfect

I am very concerned about women’s rights. This video is great. I hope every woman sees it.

All I Have to Say

After a brief stay in the hospital, I revived a habit I thought I’d kicked nearly a year ago – watching television. I have nothing against television, but I have a tendency to get hooked on Law & Order SVU or Criminal Minds marathons. In fact, I wasted the entire weekend watching television.

I learned a lot from my weekend TV binge. For example, did you know that cheek sagging is a HUGE problem in America? Oh, yes. There’s nothing worse than sagging cheeks. Well, unless you count cellulite, wrinkles, gray hair, or any of the evils brought on by natural aging. Thank goodness there is now a pharmaceutical fix for sagging cheeks. Because, you know, looking your age is the worst thing that could possibly happen to you.

The number of beauty and weight loss ads on television is astronomical. Wrinkle removers, age spot erasers, cellulite busters, and breast…

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