This guy has a great blog page going.

Sign up to follow this blog for great recommendations. Edwin’s blog is wonderful.

Okay, I’m primarily a romance writer. Edwin is primarily a horror/scifi with humor writer. But my son told me he won’t read any of the romance I write. My son does, however, love sci fi and horror. Edwin writes some of the best I’ve seen and all his stories have a touch of dry humor that I love.

I started out reading sci fi and westerns in grammar school. I read every horse book I could get my hands on… Later, I moved on to romance. I realize not everybody likes romance, so I encourage you to follow Edwin’s blog. He has a unique outlook on just about everything. You’ll enjoy him. I do.

And happy birthday to my son and happy Halloween to my grand children and all the rest of you!

Keep your pets inside and safe.


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