Cover reveal for Warlord’s Flame



  1. you have someone design your covers, right? that’s how you do these early cover reveals? I do my own on CreateSpace, and my cover image is stuck on there for now cuz I need to get the kindle ebook published first because the timing is so tight for Christmas marketing. weird, so I am using a temporary cover I came up with on KDP. sigh. how do you do your covers? I know you’ve told me, but… duuuh. I forgot. LOL. that cover is wild, girl! talk about a smokey eye! and luscious lips. LOL LOLzzzzz


    • My daughter does my covers. She’s an artist and very talented. I usually have an idea of what I want to match the story and then we look for pictures on shutterstock and dreamstine and colourbox and when we find some we think will work, she does a mock up for me and if I like it, I buy the photos I need and she creates the covers.

      Amazing huh?


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