Warlord’s Flame … not quite yet.

I know I promised to have Warlord’s Flame published in December. I’m not going to make that publishing date. I am so sorry. I had the flu for an entire month this year and it took me a full month to get over it. Then I had two surgeries, one on my eye. Those surgeries set me back in my writing.

I do plan to get Warlord’s Flame to the editor this month.

I have learned not to promise things from this experience. The surgeries and health issues… were truly unforeseen. I’d rather not have had to deal with those, but the time they took me away from my story, that hurt. The next two stories are trying to stage a hostile takeover in my brain. That is good for the series and I hope, good for the readers of the series.

Again, I care very much about all of you who are looking forward to Warlord’s Flame, the second book of this series. I will get it published as soon as I can. It is important to me that the story be told as well as I can tell it.

I will keep you updated on the release date of Warlord’s Flame.

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