An author interview with Mistral Dawn, author of Taken By The Huntsman – deliciously good story.

Today we’ll be talking with Mistral Dawn – I’ve read her book, Taken By The Huntsman and it’s a very good read. I enjoyed it a lot. So much that I’m excited for the next one.

 Welcome Mistral Dawn!

Wow! Thank you so much for having me on your beautiful blog today, LW, I’m so excited! 🙂

Tell us about your most recent release.

So far I’ve only released one book: Taken By The Huntsman.  This is the story of Cassie, a lonely human woman searching for her purpose in life, and Cadeyrn, the Erlking and Fairie’s top cop.  Cadeyrn is on Earth searching for a Fae who murdered a child when his path crosses Cassie’s.  He has made himself invisible using magic, so she cannot see him, but when his eyes meet hers, a magical soul-mate bond forms between them and he knows she is his destined mate.

Cadeyrn has been the Huntsman of Fairie for hundreds of thousands of years, and as such has made many enemies.  The only way he can think of to protect Cassie from his enemies is to kidnap her and take her back to his fortress in Fairie.  He knows she will be angry, but he hopes that with time he will be able to convince her to give their love a chance.  Will he be able to win Cassie’s heart?  You’ll have to read to find out. 😉


It’s a fun story too. Exciting and sexy and… just a great read. And the cover… I LOVE the cover! You must have done a lot of research to get so much detail about Faerie.

What else do you have coming out?

I hope to release my second novel, Bound By The Summer Prince, in February of 2015.  It’s the story of Uaine, the prince of the Summer Court of Fairie, and Roni, a human con-woman and petty thief who accidentally becomes lost in Fairie.  Uaine’s father has just been killed, and his mother is prostrate with grief. It is expected that the prince will step up and assume the kingship, but he does not have a mate and the Courts of Fairie must be ruled by one male and one female.

Uaine takes a walk in a forest near the Summer Court palace to clear his head, when he comes across a stray human female.  Fae law does not allow humans in Fairie unless they are under the protection of a Fae, so Roni is a problem he will be forced to deal with at a time when the last thing he needs is another problem.  Furious at an additional complication in his life, he arrests her and puts her in the dungeon.  Later, when he goes to see her a magical soul-mate bond forms between them, and he must convince her to forgive him and to become the queen of the Summer Court.

Will Uaine succeed in breaking through his mate’s tough exterior and win her heart?  Will Roni be able to put aside a lifetime of playing at love and learn to feel it?  Can she become the queen the Summer Court needs?  You’ll have to read to find out. 😉

BoundByTheSummerPrince (1)

That sounds very interesting. I cannot wait for this book. And another truly great cover! That’s just… hot!

Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I am dyslexic and did not learn to read at all until I was eight years old.

That must have been a tough thing to overcome. I admire people who have to overcome things.


Who are some of your favorite authors?

This is a tough one because there are literally hundreds of authors who could make this list.  To name a few:  Timothy Zahn, Anne McCaffery, Jeanine Frost, Tracy St. John, Mina Carter, LW Browning, Andre Norton, H. Beam Piper, Laurell K Hamilton, and Rob Thurman.

That’s a great list. Some of those are on my favorites list too.


Describe your perfect job.

If I could earn enough money to live on, writing novels would be my perfect job.  I love the creative process, and being able to work in my living room while drinking a glass of wine is awesome! 😉

I agree, it just doesn’t get much better than that.


Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day would involve a good book, a few purring kitties, a nice glass of wine, and some good chocolate. 🙂

I think you just hit all the high points of life.


Who do you want to read your books?

My books are intended for adults, they are not appropriate for children.  I would like everyone over the age of 18 who enjoys stories full of fantasy, magic, and romance to read them.

And there are a lot of us.


How much impact does your childhood have on your writing?

My childhood does have some impact on my writing.  My relationship with my parents is…complicated…and I’ve found I have a very hard time picturing my heroine’s relationships with their parents as close to anything that would be considered “normal,” not that my childhood was anything like theirs.

Very interesting. I think when we draw on real life experiences, the writing gets more “real”.


What was the greatest thing you learned at school?

How to read and evaluate what I read critically.  It’s a skill that will never become outdated and can be applied to every profession or purpose under the sun.

Those are wise words. I have to agree.


What are books for?

Books are to educate, enlighten, inform, and entertain us. They are the most powerful, single object on the planet, because they allow us to create a media with which to share ideas, stories, and knowledge with each other that is lasting.  Once created and disseminated, it is almost impossible for a book to be silenced. 🙂

That is poetic and well said.


Is there anything you want to make sure potential readers know?

I would like to thank readers and potential readers very much for taking the time to read this interview.  I’m honored that you were interested enough to spend your time learning a little about me, and thrilled if you choose to read my books.  Please remember, if you read a book (any book, not just mine) to leave a review telling others what you thought of it.  We authors can live or die by reviews, so they are very important.  I’ve read every review left about my book, and have valued all of them. Thank you so much!!!!

You are a jewel! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us today. Below are links to Misral Dawn’s work and her contact information.

Mistral Dawn’s Musings Blog:









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