First Chapters – Warlord’s Honor by L.W.Browning

Reblogging from Ch’kara Silverwolf’s blog! First chapter of Warlord’s Honor by L. W. Browning. Thank you Ch’kara!

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today I am bringing you the First Chapter from Warlord’s Honor, from book one of the Krystile Warriors by my friend L.W. Browning.  This is a fantastic book and I can’t wait for the next one.


In a universe starved for power, the Conglomeration rules societies with an iron grip on all trade and by the power of the eMpaths with eXtra abilities they have enslaved.

Claire, a sheltered eMpath, finds herself involved in treacherous negotiations that leave her stranded on a barbarian world of violence and danger.

Koda, the ruthless barbarian Warlord, controls the vast resources of energy of his planet. Refusing to bow to the Conglomerate, Koda plunges Claire into a violent world of deception and greed where the rules of survival suddenly change.

When it is evident that the Warlord Koda has no intention of giving up his eMpath, Claire is forced to trust…

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