Shame on You AOL/Huffington! NO More Literary Booty Calls

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Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.39.59 PM Kristen goes FULL VIKING.

Okay, so I just about calm down then see something that fires me up. So yes folks, I put on my war paint. And Huffington Post? You have simply gone too far.


Some of you may be asking what has gotten my panties in such a bunch. A friend of mine, Chuck Wendig, who’s a fantastic writer and legendary blogger brought this quote to our attention yesterday in his post Scream It Until Their Ears Bleed—Pay the Fu&%ing Writers. In Chuck’s post, it’s easy to tell what set him off. Check out this quote:

Um…bite me? Um…bite me?

THIS Folks, is what happens when we let FREE get out of hand. FREE has side-effects and one of the primary side-effects are hallucinations that the other person likes it and needs it and actually you’re doing them a favor.

Jackass. Jackass.

Before we go any further, yesterday I…

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Oh Grow Up! re-blogged from Kristen Lamb’s blog

I do read other blogs. I do. But I so enjoy the posts Kristen Lamb, I love to re-blog man of her posts. I think her posts are excellent and I want to share them with all the writers I know.

So settle back and see for yourself. And if you’re wondering, yes… I do agree with Kristen.

Oh… I am working hard on Warlord’s Flame. Putting the finishing touches on it. I’ve had a lot of little setbacks on this book. Mostly illness and deaths of people who were close to me. I hope you understand and more than that, I hope you’ll think Warlord’s Flame was worth waiting for.