Louisiana Flood 2016

We knew even if they didn’t.

We didn’t ask why us or when FEMA would get here. We got out and started working and saving lives. We remember hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and oil spills.

We didn’t ask when someone would come to fix this for us. We started fixing it ourselves. Neighbors and family and friends doing what they could.

We’ve been through hurricanes and tornadoes, floods and oil spills.

We didn’t ask people to supply us with diapers and baby formula. We knew people who didn’t flood would get it here as soon as they could.

We didn’t ask all those folks to get in their own boats and risk their lives to help us. They just did.

The people in the boats didn’t ask who the victims were going to vote for. They just rescued everyone who needed help.

The rescuers didn‘t ask if the victims were Democrat or Republican. They paddled up and asked how many pets do you have and can everyone fit in the boat?

They didn’t hesitate upon seeing the color of people’s skin when they arrived to rescue them. They just got them in the boat or helicopter and got them to safety.

We didn’t ask where the politicians were. If they showed up and maybe brought an 18 wheeler loaded with supplies, we appreciate that.

The size of this catastrophe is too vast. It was too much for the government to handle all by themselves. We knew it, even if they didn’t.

We worked hard and we mourned. We felt our hearts break and we worked some more. We commiserated with our friends and neighbors. We saved all the people and animals we could. We wept for the ones we couldn’t.

We worried about jobs for those whose workplaces were damaged. We prayed for each other and everyone who came or sent help.

We cried with friends and family and neighbors who lost everything they had. We felt their sorrow. Sometimes life was all that was left. We appreciate each and every life.

We are Louisiana. We knew even if they didn’t. We will survive this.

We appreciate your help and your prayers. God bless you. Every one.


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