Failure, Betrayal & Setbacks—Sometimes the Only Way Out is THROUGH

We all have setbacks. It’s how we handle them that makes the difference. Thanks for this reminder.

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Setbacks. We all have them and, strangely, they like to cluster together and dog pile us at once. The trick to setbacks is to adjust our perspective of what happened and use them to to make us stronger, wiser and grittier.

You might not believe me, but instant success is not always good for us. There is something about the process of learning and doing and failing and starting again and again even when we want to give up that is healthy. In fact it is vital for any kind of long-term achievement.

I know because I’ve encountered my share of people who were promoted too soon, beyond the scope of their abilities and far past the strength of their character. And it ended badly every…single…time.

Growth is a Process


All human growth is a process. It has steps. We skip steps at our own peril. Everything we are doing…

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Bunnies and other furry things.

So we went to see our three lovely little Valentines on Valentines Day. They’re so amazing!

We took them some chocolate covered strawberries, a big hit and a big cookie and some little presents. Since the baby told me recently that nobody ever gave her roses, we took a vase of red roses and told them they had to share.

We had a wonderful visit with them.

They also had bunnies – little fluffy bunnies that have to be caged because the dog wants to eat them.

I like animals, I really do. But bunnies in the house? Trying to keep them away from a dog that wants to chase and eat them? Sounds like a recipe for broken hearts for my Valentine girls and traumatic incidents for the bunnies.

When I was a girl, I did get Easter chicks a couple of times. They were cute and they were dyed pretty colors and I took them to my grandmother’s house and she kept them with her chickens. Eventually they grew up and laid eggs and were probably eaten. I realize, not every little girl had a grandmother who had chickens. Farm people look at animals differently and I understood that at an early age.

The girls explained to me that their bunnies were pets, not the kind of bunnies you eat. They were adamant about that.  I nodded, but I don’t think the dog understood.

I don’t know what will happen to these bunnies, but I fear their future might be bleak.

Please consider carefully before you bestow bunnies or chicks on people for Easter, or any other time.

Every other week, my son is a single parent to my three little Valentines and I remember how hard it was to be a single parent. I had so little time, I planned my trips to and from work so I could make right turns to do everything I needed.

The extra burden of dealing with three bunnies in addition to a dog and three little girls seems a bit much to me.

Easter rabbits and chicks are cute. No denying that, but I feel bad for the animals.

Please be considerate.