Bunnies and other furry things.

So we went to see our three lovely little Valentines on Valentines Day. They’re so amazing!

We took them some chocolate covered strawberries, a big hit and a big cookie and some little presents. Since the baby told me recently that nobody ever gave her roses, we took a vase of red roses and told them they had to share.

We had a wonderful visit with them.

They also had bunnies – little fluffy bunnies that have to be caged because the dog wants to eat them.

I like animals, I really do. But bunnies in the house? Trying to keep them away from a dog that wants to chase and eat them? Sounds like a recipe for broken hearts for my Valentine girls and traumatic incidents for the bunnies.

When I was a girl, I did get Easter chicks a couple of times. They were cute and they were dyed pretty colors and I took them to my grandmother’s house and she kept them with her chickens. Eventually they grew up and laid eggs and were probably eaten. I realize, not every little girl had a grandmother who had chickens. Farm people look at animals differently and I understood that at an early age.

The girls explained to me that their bunnies were pets, not the kind of bunnies you eat. They were adamant about that.  I nodded, but I don’t think the dog understood.

I don’t know what will happen to these bunnies, but I fear their future might be bleak.

Please consider carefully before you bestow bunnies or chicks on people for Easter, or any other time.

Every other week, my son is a single parent to my three little Valentines and I remember how hard it was to be a single parent. I had so little time, I planned my trips to and from work so I could make right turns to do everything I needed.

The extra burden of dealing with three bunnies in addition to a dog and three little girls seems a bit much to me.

Easter rabbits and chicks are cute. No denying that, but I feel bad for the animals.

Please be considerate.


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