Is it “call old people week”?

Suddenly, we started getting calls on our home phone. Yes, we still have a land line! Gasp!!! But that’s not all. We’re also getting calls on our cell phones.

We’re on the national don’t call us list for a reason. We don’t want these calls.

The calls are ridiculous…

“We are noticing a number of errors on your computer…” No – you’re not. It’s a scam. You are a scammer. Don’t call us again.

“We are calling about your pain and suffering.” Right, I’m old. I must be in pain and suffering. I have a doctor for that. Don’t call us again.

“We’re at Microsoft….” No, you’re not. Microsoft didn’t get where they are by calling individuals at their homes with concern about how their computers are running. Another scam. Don’t call us again.

“Do you have diabetes?” None of your business! Don’t call us again.

“We’re from the IRS and we’re about to freeze your assets unless you pay….” No. The IRS does NOT call people at home. It’s not the way they work. Another scam. Don’t call us again. This one is sometimes a recorded message giving me a number to call to find out how to deliver my money to these scammers. I was watching Colombo!!! Leave me alone! Oh, and don’t call us again.

While I’m writing this, my husband just got a call on his cell phone asking if our car was running alright. They have a warranty to sell us. He told them “no” and they hung up. They don’t care about our car!! That’s okay, just don’t call us again.

We’re on the National Do Not Call Registry. Somehow, people recently got our cell phone information and we have been bombarded with calls on our cell phones. If I want something or some information, I know how to use the internet to look up things. I have access to doctors and lawyers and all kinds of professional people if I need help with anything. If my computer up and dies, I can go to Best Buy and get another one this afternoon.

Honestly, all these folks are doing is aggravating me.

Between the land line and the cell phones, we’re getting up to 10 calls a day. Calls we don’t need and don’t want.

Oh, I left out Rachel. She calls a lot with our “last chance” to get a better interest rate on our credit cards. She won’t stop calling either and she wants our credit card numbers. If she’s so smart, she should have the credit card numbers already right? Another scammer.

I admit I do have some fun with these folks sometimes. Once I said… “Gosh, my husband will be glad to hear about this cruise we won. Can we still go when he gets out of prison? He got sent up for 20 years, but I think he’s gonna make parole before that.”

Oh come on. Let’s just have some fun with them. You know you want to.

“Gee, I thought we’d never be able to have credit again after that ponzi scheme conviction.”

Or, “Okay, I’ll just send you guys the check I get from the Nigerian prince. Will that work for you?”

On a serious note. These are professional scammers. They make money from scaring honest people. If they gain access to your computer they will hold it for “ransom”. They can do some real harm. They can also give your computer nasty viruses.

Never give them access to your computer or give out your credit card information. 

Tell these folks to take a flying leap. You don’t have to put up with them. Now, where is that number to call again?

Oh, yeah, here it is.

My favorite thing to say is, “I’m reporting you to the FCC.”

And then I do.

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