A word about branding for authors. Reblogged from Kristen Lamb

How many of you gave a long sigh when you saw the word “branding”? Yeah, me too. I know marketing is important. For instance BETA and VHS came out about the same time with products that allowed us to watch movies whenever we wanted. Yes, this was pre-DVD, but still a viable lesson. BETA was a superior product, but VHS marketed better and they took over the world. Same thing with Microsoft. Their Operating System was inferior to several that were on the market at the time, but savvy marketing and advertising skyrocketed them into the lead for all those PC’s that people began buying.

So marketing and advertising, yeah, important. Most of us authors are not marketing or advertising geniuses, but we cannot hide our heads in the sand. The blog post below is a great starting point to jump off into the world of branding and specifically marketing and advertising for authors.



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