How to find copyright infringements!

That’s the prize folks. I admit I have not used it. I’ve been told that as soon as one finds one infringement and shuts it down, another pops up.

One thing I learned while working at the bank, criminals have lots of time to figure out how to get something for nothing. I imagine if they put all the effort that they use to do illegal/nasty things, they’d probably all be rich and doing quite well.

Ah, well, to each their own.




I’ve always been awkward. My mother mentioned this on more than one occasion. My mind was off somewhere else most of my life. While I was “book smart” I could barely get in out of the rain. Actually, I loved dancing and playing in the rain and never have understood why it didn’t “catch on”.

I had to force myself to talk to my children in the mornings when they were young. I made the adjustment. I still have to force myself to greet people with “good morning”. At work, this was pretty awkward. I wanted to get right down to business. We all knew it was morning. Why repeat the same bad news every day?

But I did adjust. Somewhat. Things are just a little different for me because I’m a little different. It’s never bothered me, but I suspect it bothers others. I really enjoyed this article and I’ve reblogged it to share with everyone who is awkward. Even if you’re not, you probably know someone who is.

Drinking With The Bayou Spirits

I love Louisiana. What can I say?

Brandye Flowers

drinking with the bayou spiritstw

Drinking with the Bayou Spirits

You never really know your neighbors.

My family discovered this truth after taking a vacation in our home state of Louisiana. We have traveled the United States and lived far beyond our own borders. It was that one trip to the south that made us realize there are still secrets lurking in the bayous.

Now we make adventures of it. We take weekend trips and vacations in our home state to explore its culture and discover its forgotten places. This weekend, we decided to check out Lake Charles, LA, and follow where the spirits led us.

Rum. I’m talking about rum here folks. The good ole fashioned southern spirits of liquor and beer.

The micro-distillery and micro-brewery markets are alive and thriving in the swampy south, so we met up in Lacassine outside of Lake Charles to see what they had to offer.

Because sometimes…

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