I’ve always been awkward. My mother mentioned this on more than one occasion. My mind was off somewhere else most of my life. While I was “book smart” I could barely get in out of the rain. Actually, I loved dancing and playing in the rain and never have understood why it didn’t “catch on”.

I had to force myself to talk to my children in the mornings when they were young. I made the adjustment. I still have to force myself to greet people with “good morning”. At work, this was pretty awkward. I wanted to get right down to business. We all knew it was morning. Why repeat the same bad news every day?

But I did adjust. Somewhat. Things are just a little different for me because I’m a little different. It’s never bothered me, but I suspect it bothers others. I really enjoyed this article and I’ve reblogged it to share with everyone who is awkward. Even if you’re not, you probably know someone who is.

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