No more nightmares for elephants?

Warehouse Sale

Y’all know I love animals. For some reason, I’ve always been partial to elephants. Not that I want to pet one, I just like them and enjoy looking at them on TV. I don’t enjoy the circus, sorry, I just don’t. I don’t especially enjoy the zoo either, though we have taken our granddaughters once or twice.

The mistreatment of elephants upsets me since I saw an article about how orphaned baby elephants were having nightmares after their parents were killed for their ivory. Someday, I hope we live in a world where baby elephants and children have no more nightmares.

I saw the guys who own this company on the Shark show. I checked out their site. I like the pants. Living in the south, the heat index is 106 today, I like loose comfy clothing. I thought I’d share this in case anybody is interested. 10% of the money goes to helping elephants. Okay, that may not be much, but it’s something.

Sorry about the ad. It seemed like a good cause and I like the pants, and it’s really hot today.

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