Hot Toddies or Mint Juleps

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L. Walker                                                                                                                                                         L. W. Browning


In a universe starved for power, the Conglomerate rules societies with an iron grip on all trade and by the power of the eMpaths with eXtra abilities they have enslaved.

Claire, a sheltered eMpath, finds herself involved in treacherous negotiations that leave her stranded on a barbarian world of violence and danger.

Koda, the ruthless barbarian Warlord, controls the vast resources of energy of his planet. Refusing to bow to the Conglomerate, Koda plunges Claire into a violent world of deception and greed where the rules of survival suddenly change. 

When it is evident that the Warlord Koda has no intention of giving up his eMpath, Claire is forced to trust the barbarian with her life. As the future of her kind hangs in the balance, she must also decide if she can trust him with her heart. 

Intended for mature readers of at least 18 or over. 


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Great review! By Sandra Martinez

Pinned by Lisa Williamson



Paranormal Romance Guild 5 star review




    • Patti, I am so glad you enjoyed Warlord’s Honor. I am working hard on Warlord’s Trust. It still has to go through beta readers and editors. They take their own time. 🙂 Of course, I have to go through and make my changes also. I hope to have my part done by the end of April. To answer your question, I would love to publish it by the end of June. I have one critique partner who is reading it chapter by chapter as I go. She thinks this one is going to be even better than the first. Of course, Koda and Claire will continue to be in all the books of the series. I am really thrilled that you enjoyed Warlord’s Honor.


  1. It’s always nice to discover a new author – but I HATE having to wait for the following book especially when you have taken to the characters. You’ve managed to draw the reader into the plot and leave them wanting more. Congratulations.


    • Thank you. I am so thrilled you enjoyed the story. A funny thing happened while I was writing Warlord’s Trust, which I thought would be the next book in the series, what I got instead was Warlord’s Flame. Warlord’s Trust is partially done and will be finished, but Warlord’s Flame jumped ahead and demanded to be written next.

      I hope to have it ready for beta readers next month. It’s a wimpy excuse, but sometimes the characters decide what happens next and, as the author, I have to write what they give me.

      Warlord’s Flame will feature Var, the enforcer of the warlords and Bess, a lost empath who thinks she will return to the Facility. It’s an exciting story and one I am having fun writing.

      I know it is so difficult to wait on that next book, but I appreciate you as a reader and sincerely hope you won’t be disappointed by Warlord’s Flame, which I hope to have published a month or two before Christmas.



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