December/Christmas Promotions – Ghosts of Christmas Past By Sam Kates

Nobody does scary quite like Sam Kates. If the Christmas cheer is just too much for you, I’m sure you can find a good story in this book.

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today’s promotion is for a collection of dark festive tales.  Ghosts of Christmas Past is by my friend Sam Kates.

SAM Ghosts of Christmas Past.jpg


Four festive tales of the supernatural, apocalyptic and blood-sucking variety—an antidote for anyone who occasionally finds Christmas overly sentimental or commercialised and likes to escape to somewhere darker.

In Ghosts of Christmas Past, a newly-wed couple spend every Christmas in the same remote country cottage. It’s their ‘thing’ and they’re not about to let tragedy get in the way.

In I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, a small boy creeps downstairs to see his mother in the embrace of a crimson-robed stranger. But Jake’s not convinced: since when did Santa have long teeth and red, glinting eyes?

In Rottin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Nia decorates the tree while her parents look on. But this is not just another Christmas—it is the time of The Cleansing, the…

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Cover Reveal – Destined For Dreams by Susan Illene

Great cover! Susane Illene does it again. Can’t wait to read this one.

Ch'kara SilverWolf

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Great news!  Today I’m revealing the cover for Destined for Dreams, plus all the upcoming release details, and I have a giveaway at the end of this post.  Keep reading for more information.

DestinedforDreams_600x900.jpgCOVER ARTVictoria Miller


MODELS– Samantha and Max Radcliffe


Not all relationships are fun and games—especially in the supernatural world.

Cori and Bartol might be bonded mates, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to accept an eternity with each other. They are both wounded souls with tragic pasts that haunt them and not quite ready to trust anyone. But all that may have to be set aside with new problems threatening their future. A demon is on the rise, intent on conquering the world. Bartol may be the only one who can stop him. And Cori discovers she’s developed a mystical ability that could put her…

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Author Interview – Lyn Horner

I do enjoy this lady’s books.

Andrew Chapman / Author and Screenwriter

Lyn Horner.jpgQuestion 1: Who are you and what have you written?

I’m Lyn Horner, author of western historical romance and romantic suspense novels, all with paranormal overtones. My newest book is Beguiling Delilah: Romancing the Guardians, Book Six. This series features psychic characters who guard apocalyptic prophesies handed down through time from ancient Irish seers.

Question 2: If you had to paint a portrait of any author who would it be?

I’d love to paint a portrait of Diana Gabaldon. She is my favorite living author. My favorite of all time is J.R.R. Tolkien. Since I’ve met Ms. Gabaldon and know what she looks like, she would be easier to paint than Tolkien.

Wuestion 3: Why did you start writing? Lyn Horner Beguiling Delilah

I was a fashion illustrator and art instructor until a move took me from my job. Having two young children at that time, I decided to stay home with them…

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No more nightmares for elephants?

Warehouse Sale

Y’all know I love animals. For some reason, I’ve always been partial to elephants. Not that I want to pet one, I just like them and enjoy looking at them on TV. I don’t enjoy the circus, sorry, I just don’t. I don’t especially enjoy the zoo either, though we have taken our granddaughters once or twice.

The mistreatment of elephants upsets me since I saw an article about how orphaned baby elephants were having nightmares after their parents were killed for their ivory. Someday, I hope we live in a world where baby elephants and children have no more nightmares.

I saw the guys who own this company on the Shark show. I checked out their site. I like the pants. Living in the south, the heat index is 106 today, I like loose comfy clothing. I thought I’d share this in case anybody is interested. 10% of the money goes to helping elephants. Okay, that may not be much, but it’s something.

Sorry about the ad. It seemed like a good cause and I like the pants, and it’s really hot today.

Author Interview – T. Jackson King

Interview of a friend of mine who writes sci fi.

Andrew Chapman / Author and Screenwriter

T Jackson KingQuestion 1: Who are you and what have you written?

I’m T. Jackson King, a writer of science fiction novels since 1988 when my first novel came out. I now live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, tho I’ve lived in 12 US states and visited 49 of them. My most recent novel is Star Glory (Empire Series Book 1).

Question 2: If you had to paint a portrait of any author who would it be?

I’d paint an image of Rudyard Kipling as his YA novel KIM was a favorite of mine when I was in sixth grade and had been reading his works, and scifi novels, for two years already.

Wuestion 3: Why did you start Star Glorywriting?

I began writing scifi novels because I ran out of First Contact style novels in my local neighborhood library. But I began late at age 38. I got published in reverse…

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How to find copyright infringements!

That’s the prize folks. I admit I have not used it. I’ve been told that as soon as one finds one infringement and shuts it down, another pops up.

One thing I learned while working at the bank, criminals have lots of time to figure out how to get something for nothing. I imagine if they put all the effort that they use to do illegal/nasty things, they’d probably all be rich and doing quite well.

Ah, well, to each their own.




I’ve always been awkward. My mother mentioned this on more than one occasion. My mind was off somewhere else most of my life. While I was “book smart” I could barely get in out of the rain. Actually, I loved dancing and playing in the rain and never have understood why it didn’t “catch on”.

I had to force myself to talk to my children in the mornings when they were young. I made the adjustment. I still have to force myself to greet people with “good morning”. At work, this was pretty awkward. I wanted to get right down to business. We all knew it was morning. Why repeat the same bad news every day?

But I did adjust. Somewhat. Things are just a little different for me because I’m a little different. It’s never bothered me, but I suspect it bothers others. I really enjoyed this article and I’ve reblogged it to share with everyone who is awkward. Even if you’re not, you probably know someone who is.