Adventures of a Southern Girl

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Adventures of a Southern Girl, is a collection of short stories and musings written by a southern girl who has traveled. Most of the short stories are humorous, some are miraculous. All are adventurous. Some stories may even qualify as public service announcements. These stories are relayed in such a way as to keep their southern flavor. This is not Pulitzer Prize winning material folks. Just some true stories that hopefully make you smile, maybe even make you laugh, and sometimes they’ll make you very happy not to be me.

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Author Bio:

Linda Walker writes mostly humorous short stories about her adventures. Being blessed with a funny life, she loves to share her stories in hopes of making others smile. Walker is a GRITS, Girls Raised In The South. She enjoys her family, her friends, her dogs and cats (all rescues), traveling and meeting people. She does a little gardening because she loves flowers and always takes time to stop and smell them. Most of all, she enjoys sharing her stories in hopes of making someone’s day a little brighter. Raised primarily in the South, Walker and her family, (Dad, Mom, Sister and dog) moved around the country staying an average of 2 ½ to 3 months before moving on to a new location. Yes, that means 3 to 4 schools per year. She was the “new girl” a lot. The unconventional upbringing led to a unique outlook on life and even day to day experiences.

In case you are wondering what in the world this family did, they were pipeliners. Surely some of the last pioneers of this age and Walker would not trade her experiences for anything.

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