Warlord’s Honor


In a universe starved for power, the Conglomerate rules societies with an iron grip on all trade and by the power of the eMpaths with eXtra abilities they have enslaved.

Claire, a sheltered eMpath, finds herself involved in treacherous negotiations that leave her stranded on a barbarian world of violence and danger.

Koda, the ruthless barbarian Warlord, controls the vast resources of energy of his planet. Refusing to bow to the Conglomerate, Koda plunges Claire into a violent world of deception and greed where the rules of survival suddenly change.

When it is evident that the Warlord Koda has no intention of giving up his eMpath, Claire is forced to trust the barbarian with her life. As the future of her kind hangs in the balance, she must also decide if she can trust him with her heart.

Intended for mature readers of at least 18 or over.

Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/L.W.-Browning/e/B00HLWRQYI/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Amazon ebook UK


Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/warlords-honor-l-w-browning/1117608113?ean=2940148856696

Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/warlord-s-honor

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id776184825



Great review! By Sandra Martinez


Pinned by Lisa Williamson




Paranormal Romance Guild 5 star review


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    • Thank you for your interest in the Warlord series. I’m so glad you enjoyed the first book. I am working hard on the second one and I still plan to publish it this summer.

      As soon as I finish it, I will send it out to the beta readers and after that to the editor. I have a cover in mind and will be working with the cover artist the week after June 17.

      I will post a cover reveal and an approximate date on this blog when the time gets closer. If you follow the blog, you should receive an email before the book is published, followed by an email with the links as soon as the book goes live.

      The third book is already taking shape in my mind. I hope you enjoy the rest of this series.

      Thank you for your interest.



    • Doug,

      I emailed Amazon about that. They decide when an author merits that particular enhancement. I think I need to have more titles out there. I am working on the next book and I’ll be sure to check and see if they add that Stay Up to Date for me after I publish another one.

      Thank you so much for your comment. If you subscribe to this blog, I will let everyone know when the new book is available.

      Thank you for writing.


    • A funny thing while writing Warlord’s Trust, I realized it needed to be Warlord’s Flame. I will write Warlord’s Trust eventually, but two other books in this series got in the way and just demanded to be written next.

      Warlord’s Flame will be out before the end of this year, Hopefully by Thanksgiving if not before.

      I am so glad you enjoyed Warlord’s Honor. I really enjoyed writing it. Koda and Claire are not done yet. There are many adventures awaiting the warlords and the empaths who will become their mates as they battle the Conglomerate for the right to live in peace and freedom.

      Honestly, the characters dictate what I write. They tricked me this time, but I hope you will enjoy Warlord’s Flame. If you subscribe to the newsletter, I’ll notify everyone when it is published. I will do a cover reveal pretty soon, I’m very excited about the cover and the story of the Warlord’s Flame.

      Thank you.


    • Sara, Thank you so much. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Warlord’s Honor. I am working hard and will publish Warlord’s Flame before the end of the year. I hope you enjoy it too. Warlord’s Honor is still in the top 100 in the UK. I appreciate you and all the UK readers and other readers who have enjoyed the book.

      I will be sure to announce when Warlord’s Flame is available and I hope you enjoy it as much as you have Warlord’s Honor.



    • Nancy,

      Thank you so much! I am almost done with book two. I love it and I hope you will enjoy it as well. I’ll let you know when it comes out. It should be ready to go in June or July.

      Once again, thank you so much for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me and keep inspired to write a story I hope you’ll enjoy reading.


    • I am in the final stages of completing the second book. I think you’ll like it. I so appreciate that you enjoyed Warlord’s Honor. I am trying to make this a very good series and I don’t want to disappoint those who enjoyed the first book. I will be smiling all night, thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed Warlord’s Honor.


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